Facad's Textile Characteristics

1.WARRANTY: Material warranty durations are 10 years and more. Their commercial lives are long, which can be prolonged even more if they are maintained and cleaned regularly as required (once in 2 years).

2.COLOR SPEKTRUM: Wide color spectrum becomes prominent particularly in PVC mesh materials. In Teflon materials, however, custom pigment application is available.

3.MESH SIZES & DIAMETERS: Particularly in PVC Mesh materials, there are various sizes of mesh. In PTFE materials, however, there is not much variety as there are wider meshes due to their glass fiber weaving feature. ETFE materials, however, are fully transparent, and textures can be created via spots and printing.

4.MATERIAL TYPESThey can be diversified as PVC (flat), PVC Mesh, PVC laminated mesh (transparent coated mesh), ptfe (flat), ptfe mesh, PTFE Laminated mesh, ETFE (transparent), Etfe (printed).

5.WEIGHT: Textile facade coating materials are extremely light. The weight can vary from 400gr/m2 to 1000gr/m2 in pvc materials, .... in ptfe materials while ..... in etfe materials.

6.STRENGTH: Textile materials have high tear strength starting from 3300N/5cm when they take pre-stressing form despite their lightweight and thin structures. In very extreme cases, the resistance and oscillator strength can be increased via inner tendons.

7.LIGHT PERMEABILITY: Light permeability vary a lot depending on mesh diameters and sizes. Light permeability situation can be controlled via spotted printing in an ETFE material having 90% permeability.

8.FIRE RESISTANCE: PVC type materials with standards such as ASTM E84, NFPA701,M1/NFP92-507 B2/DIN4102-1 standards have flame-retardant quality, which can reach up to A1 non-combustibility level in PTFE classes.